THEMYS and Marel Navigation and Communication: New Partnership

🤝 THEMYS and Marel Navigation and Communication are extremely proud to announce today their new#partnership to work jointly on the #FDI program led by NAVAL GROUP for both French and Hellenic navies.

Through this partnership, Marel will be involved with Themys as prime contractor in the integration of critical communication and navigation system for the future FDI #frigates.

This partnership will allow Marel to:

  • Get access to new OEM product portfolio and training, but also to THEMYS specific #Navy solution portfolio
  • Gain experience on the integration of tailored high-end #communication and #navigation equipment for #military specification through attendance of Setting to Work, Harbour Acceptance Test and Sea Acceptance Test
  • Be ready to perform system support along overall lifecycle of #Hellenic Navy FDI frigates

On the other hand, Themys will benefit:

  • From the support of skilled greek service #engineers to reinforce Themys resources in a period of increasing workload
  • From the experience of structuring and delivering partnership enabling real local content value

This partnership also aims at building a strong collaboration in order to participate to future opportunities as the Hellenic Navy corvettes or the future European Patrol #Corvette program.

  • “We identified Marel early in the process as a great candidate for this partnership given their large experience with civil #vessel integration and the business relation we were already growing. We look forward to grow in power this partnership on both side” said Didier Maurer, Themys sales manager
  • “We are very pleased to partner with Themys on such a major military platform. We believe this is very valuable for the Hellenic navy and its defense industry as it will enable Hellenic Navy FDI frigates local support over the next decades.

Themys, with their long experience in the Navy market is a valuable partner for us. We really aim at leveraging this first contract to capture future opportunities with their support” said Kyriakos Alexopoulos, MD of Marel