Intelligent Situational Awareness

A number of modules are offered for the benefit of different types of users within a shipping company under a unified and intuitive platform. Making use of vessel and voyage specific data along with relevant data sources, NauticAI empowers real time monitoring and alerting and historical data assessment to improve the efficiency of operations and the practice of safe navigation.

Bridge Operations Quality Assurance (BOQA)

Automatic event tracker platform for detecting Close encounters, Route deviations, heavy weather on route and camera integration.

Performance Monitoring

NauticAI offering also includes an IoT server solution which can be easily connected to the VDR to collect and transmit all VDR sensor data to the central server for storage and visualization. The NauticAI performance monitoring module supports hundreds of signals and super-fast timeseries graphs with auto aggregation.

Operations efficiency

The NuaticAI Desk module is designed for Spot Chartering and Operations and provides a uniquely fast drag-and-drop timeline functionality allowing the user to concentrate on optimising the cargo program for the best fuel, cost and environmental efficiency.

BOQA schematic

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