Danelec Connect

Danelec Connect

Danelec Marine’s solution to implement a cost-efficient internet-of-things (IoT) infrastructure onboard vessels to enable ship managers and technical superintendents to quickly and easily identify issues and failures, monitor vessel KPIs, and integrate third-party data analytics for continuous improvement.

√ Data Collection: An Internet-of-Things (IoT) infrastructure collects data onboard via a Vessel Remote Server module.
√ Data Transfer and storage: Less than 1MB data per day is transferred to shore at fixed intervals or if triggered by special events and Data is stored on a Danelec server.
√ Data View: The ship manager assigns data access to authorized users and each user can create customized views in DanelecConnect dashboard

√ Applications:

  • Monitoring and performance optimization
  • Safety and Bridge Operating Quality Assurance (BOQA)
  • Remote maintenance (Pre-APT, alarm diagnostics and configuration)

Performance Monitor

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