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Kelvin Hughes
Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital Radar
The next generation Multi-function Radar system is designed to exceed the 2008 IMO performance regulations. Marking another milestone in the ongoing programme of radar development, Kelvin Hughes has produced the world’s first flexible Widescreen Marine Navigation Radar with dual picture capability.

Enhanced Target Detection (ETD)
ETD is now available from Kelvin Hughes and is included in the functionality of the MantaDigital range. This new facility significantly enhances the detection and display of slow-moving or stationary targets without interfering with the normal radar appearance or operation. This is particularly effective in rough seas and bad clutter conditions.

MD Ice Technology
MD ICE is included in ETD and gives an enhanced radar image of ice, debris and other objects that are stationary or slow moving without interfering with the normal radar appearance or controls. The MD ICE processing can be applied in either the main or secondary radar window. This unique feature enables the operator to continue using the radar in the normal way with the addition of a simultaneous ice detection view being available without cluttering the display. For ice-channel navigating, route clearing, or icebreaking operations Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital Radar with MD ICE technology performs just as well as special more expensive ice navigation radars. It can detect the difference between open and iced waters, frozen and pack ice, and ice leads and fissures.

Ice Navigation
As the world’s energy and mining resources diminish more ships are now operating in Polar waters with particular interest in the Northern Sea Route and Northeast Passage. ETD MD Ice can detect ice channels and icebergs helping the navigator select safe and efficient routes through ice areas reducing fuel consumption and voyage times. ETD with MD ICE is accepted by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Multi-Function Display
The radar display is delivered pre-loaded so that full type-approved ECDIS functionality can be activated as an alternative without the need for more hardware. Simple on-screen function selection means the display can operate as a radar or as cost effective backup for the main ECDIS.
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