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Intellian Technologies
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Intellian Technologies
The Intellian v60 VSAT Antenna is a 60 centimeter (23.6 inch) Ku-band three-axis stabilized antenna system for SCPC, MCPC, TDMA or Spread Spectrum. With wider elevation range of -10˚ to 100˚ and three-axis pedestal structure, the v60 is more stable and delivers improved tracking abilities than a two-axis platform. The v60 offers both Xpol only and Xpol & Copol models. Designed for ocean vessels in the recreational, commercial or oil and gas market segments and military vessels, the v60 offers "always on" and "high-quality" broadband communications, no matter how rough the weather and sea conditions may be.

In addition to the v60, the Intellian v-Series features two more VSAT antenna systems: # v110, 3-axis stabilized VSAT with 1.05m dish, Xpol & Copol, 8W # v130, 3-axis stabilized VSAT with 1.25m dish, Xpol & Copol, 8W

All models support Xpol & Copol and Multi band LNB.

The Intellian v-Series is built on reliability, beginning during the design phase, through its endurance of over one hundred environmental test conditions matched to the most stringent military standards. The v-Series has experienced extended trials of extreme sea conditions and operational tests with numerous satellite service providers. Now the v-Series has begun worldwide distribution. The design enables easy installation and maintenance through the remote IP access to the system.
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