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Safety | Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)
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Ocean Alert MKIII
EMS Global Tracking
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EMS Global Tracking
This solution meets or exceeds all mandatory SSAS regulations, and as of January 2009 all purchased units provide Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) capability as standard. All Ocean Alert solutions purchased prior to this date can, with a simple software update become LRIT compliant.

This is the most cost effective SSAS/LRIT solution with most reliable message delivery technology and has the following features:
-It offers bundled end-to-end SSAS solutions including reporting service, airtime, hardware and alert notification with no monthly airtime fees.
-Fully automatic roaming capability across all ocean regions.
-The precise location and status delivered to customer desktop via the web, email and SMS.
-Integrated internal back-up battery.
-Test mode and "heartbeat" operation to ensure constant readiness.
-Micro technology allows discreet and flexible installation.
-Inmarsat type and IEC60945 approved.
-Class Society approved.
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