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Safety | Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT)
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EMS Global Tracking
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EMS Global Tracking
The SAT-201i-LRIT solution fully complies with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) mandatory SOLAS V/19-1, Long Range Identification & Tracking regulations. It provides regular reports to designated flag authorities, identifying Ship ID, Ship position, Date and time of the ship position.

This is the lowest cost solution available today - no hidden extras. True for both vessel operator and flag state. Also it is ideal solution for vessels that either do not have compliant equipment or where the cost of upgrading existing equipment is prohibitive and it is based on proven technology, using the reliable Inmarsat IsatM2M low data rate packet protocol. Most importantly the product is easy to install and is pre-configured out-of-the-box ready. All necessary equipment is included within the package. It is seamless global coverage across all major ocean regions and unlike other satellite systems, will automatically roam between geostationary satellites.
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