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Intellian Technologies
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Intellian Technologies
The Intellian w-series Marine Satellite TV Antenna with WorldView LNB module receives both circular polarized signals used in the Americas and linear polarized signals that are standard throughout the rest of the world. Offering the high-quality access to satellite TV services that is synonymous with Intellian, boaters are no longer required to undertake the painstaking hassle of purchasing multiple LNB modules, reconfiguring complex systems and manually changing the LNB unit inside the antenna dome each time the vessel crosses into a different satellite service region.

The w-Series WorldView™ LNB module allows mariners to seamlessly switch between circular DirecTv, Dish, ExpressVu services in North America; DirecTV Latin in Central and South America; and linear polarized services using Universal Quad LNB in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, and also Sky Brazil and Sky Mexico in Central and South America - all by simply pressing a remote control button.
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