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Primar Electronic Navigation Charts
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The use of Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) with an approved Chart Display (ECDIS) has raised standards of safety and efficiency in marine navigation. ENC Charts originate from Hydrographic Offices and with the ability to be continuously updated are approved by SOLAS as a substitute for paper charts. In addition to safety there are cost benefits resulting from more efficient voyage planning with less fuel expended and paper chart reduction accepted by the flag state.
PRIMAR ENCs offer comprehensive global coverage and are only available from Authorised Distributors. MAREL can supply the full PRIMAR ENC chart service incuding - distribution by CD, flexible subscriptions and weekly updates. Already MAREL has supplied PRIMAR charts to local operators of high-speed ferries, cruiseships and commercial vessels.

The focus on ENC chart use has intensified because ECDIS is mandated for installation on all passenger and commercial ships in a rolling timetable July 2010-2018.

MAREL can offer ECDIS and PRIMAR ENC Charts as one bundled supply. Commissioned together on the ship the package saves you time and effort with a flexible chart subscription tailored to your actual voyage plans.
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